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Banana Kush Vs

Banana Kush is known for raising the mood in people. It is very common with people who tend to have fun in parties and hang out with friends.

People refer to this as the “good high” since it brings out a jovial mood in them. This is especially important if someone wants to enjoy their time at a party.

The high from banana Kush also lasts between four to five hours.

The Banana Kush plant also grows to medium height just like the Blue Dream. It however differs from Blue dream, in that it has large leaves. Banana Kush requires the proper amount of lighting for it to thrive well.

It also requires proper pruning and trimming for you to obtain the best yield. Its flowering period is usually between eight to nine weeks.

During this period, the strain becomes big with very heavy buds. The buds are usually green and covered with a variety of yellow and red hairs.

Banana Kush is very infamous due to its many uses. It can be used in parties to set the mood. This makes the parties more fun.

It has also been found to be applicable in many medical applications also. It can be used as a painkiller for mild pains for instance.

It can also be used for treatment of lack of appetite, poor sleeping habits and nausea. It is therefore very efficient if used at night before bed time.

You can create awesome space cakes with this mood enhancing strain.

Tangerine Power

The third strain we look at is the popular tangerine power. It is also known as “tangie power”. The strain is created by crossbreeding the sweet orange and blue power stains.

It is however a sativa dominant hybrid. This is because it is comprised of seventy percent sativa and only thirty percent indica.

Read this article to learn more about sativa vs indica. Its trademark characteristic is its very sweet orange flavor for all the orange lovers out there.

The taste is very typical of citrus fruits. It has a good combination of both sweet and sour tastes. As the name suggests, tangerine power smells just like a fresh tangerine.

This smell is both of dust and tangerine.

It is usually used on lazy days when one has little to accomplish. It gives you a great push even when there is nothing to look forward to.

It is famed for creating tides of a happy emotion flowing through the body when smoked. As the effects intensify, one will get to a state of calm and peacefulness.

This tends to induce sleep at times, although one does not actually fall asleep.

Tangerine power has THC levels of nineteen percent. Despite not being the highest, it is still a very high level of THC making it very strong.

This grants it many applications in the field of medicine. With the rise in diseases such as headaches, migraines, pain, stress and depression, tangerine power comes in handy.

This is because it has the ability to put a patient in a state of calm and tranquility.

It also induces happy energy flowing which very beneficial for those patients is suffering from stress or depression. Other ailments it can treat are arthritis, fibromyalgia and migraines.

Reviews: Blue Dream & Banana Kush

Blue dream seeds are best grown indoors. This however does not mean that it cannot thrive outdoors.

It is best grown on soil or a hydro medium for the best results. It is important to know which is the best soil for cannabis. The plant starts to flower after about nine to ten weeks.

The plant naturally grows to a medium height with long leaves. The leaves are thin and light green in color.

Despite growing to medium height, it is important to limit the height and shape of the plant through pruning.

The THC content of blueberry is estimated to range between 15 to 20 percent. If carefully grown, the plants are known to produce a generous yield. It is also advantageous since it is very easy to grow.

Blue dream has therefore becoming so popular due to its many benefits. Firstly, it is very helpful in treatment of patients with depression.

This is due to the high levels of relaxation one experiences as time goes by. It has also been found to be very popular among women and folk above the age of forty.

Women have said that it helps them in times of crapping during the menstrual cycle.

As discussed above, it is believed to uplift the creative faculties of one’s brain. This is very helpful among people whose jobs are artistic in nature or those who need some motivation to work better.

2. Banana Kush

The second strain we consider is the Banana Kush. Just as the name suggests, it is a strain that tastes and smells just like a combination of bananas and Kush.

It is a strain that is quickly growing in popularity in the United States of America. It was developed after several years of experimentation to ensure stabilization. It is now very possible to find a wide variety of feminized seeds.

Banana Kush was developed by crossbreeding Kush and Banana seeds. It took immense time and effort to develop this strain.

This is because it takes a long time to breed a banana and Kush repeatedly until finally the perfect strain is obtained. After several months and patience, the required quality was obtained.

Banana Kush can grow both outdoors and indoors unlike Blue dream which thrives better indoors. It matures in a short period of time (eight to nine weeks) hence very economical.

It is also famed for producing a great yield per square meter. It produces between four hundred to five hundred grams of buds per meter square when bred indoors.

Outdoors it tends to generate a greater yield of up to seven hundred grams per plant in just nine weeks.

This is obviously a very profitable breed to grow. Its THC content as per lab results is quite high, at approximately twenty five percent. It can even be used to produce cbd hemp oil, but that needs to be approved.

The Main Advantages of Using Mini Bongs

You’ll be able to call the mini bongs anything, the fact is they are cute, powerful, cost-effective and tiny.

These little bongs are employed for many very cleaver reasons, not to mention that they have got several distinct advantages in the larger bongs and water pipes.

For the people simply using weed over a recreational basis or must access medical cannabis discretely, these mini bongs are tiny enough to slide inside a purse or backpack, letting them be applied just about anywhere.

The Pricing in the Mini Bongs

Something you must admit regarding the mini bong could be the price is extremely low.

This is simply not the device to be using for those who have a massive gathering at the party, it’s just made for one person to obtain a quick hit as required.

The cost is frequently less than you’d probably buy dinner down for your local restaurant. They are doing range in size which affects the cost slightly, but considering their power, you can’t beat the cost of an instant buzz.

The Functionality with the Smaller Bong

Don’t allow the term mini fool you, this tiny bong still packs an enormous punch.

These smaller glass devices have each of the features you’d find about the larger glass pipes, from the chillum, hollow foot, funnel bowl, and downstream.

The carb hole will be within easy reach, and the tiny bongs might be more appealing than their larger counterparts.

Just think about the most effective bong you might have shrunken as a result of a mini version.


Everything You Need To Know About Bongs

Although information found here is fairly comprehensive, there’s still much to become considered when buying and using a bong.

This is especially valid should you have not used one before.

Beyond the pros and cons, you can find the non-public aspects to take into consideration.

You should consider whether using the bong is the greatest decision for you and just take into account all the facts which can be given by all sources.

The bong is really a fascinating tool that is utilized by those that smoke marijuana, tobacco, and also other herbal types that function in a similar way.

Its history is as diverse because lots of people who use the bong and it has changed more often than not within the many thousands of years that many experts have used.


These changes are getting to be obvious when staring at the overall design of the bong and also the materials which might be widely used to really make the commercial bongs that can be purchased in several locations.

Whatever the reason for looking into bongs, there is absolute not enough information this sort of considering the historical past regarding the device or those who are thinking about possibly using the device.

Real Story Behind Marijuana

If you want to stop smoking marijuana follow these instruction carefully. Get a pen and paper – I honestly believe it is important to have a plan and to set yourself goals for motivation. The best thing to do here is actually to write these down. Initially write down why you want to give up and what you hope to achieve by giving up. And then set yourself some goals i.e. treat yourself to some new clothes in a month’s time from the money you saved from not smoking marijuana. Treat yourself to a holiday from the money saved after six months, etc.

Once you’ve written out your plans I suggest you put them somewhere where you will see them every single day. This could be a sticky note on the wall in your bedroom, on the fridge, or even in the secret drawer where you normally hide your stash and blunts. This is merely a way to reinforce your desire to quit and will help to motivate you along the way.

Don’t be tempted – one of the worst mistakes that many people make when trying to quit smoking weed is leaving a trail of temptation in their way. If you still have a box full of papers, matches and lighters, bongs and gas mask pipes, you will always be tempted whenever you see them. I recall initially keeping much of my weed paraphernalia and telling myself “well you never know when you might need them”. Little did I realize this was my mind’s way of telling me I wasn’t serious about giving up.

You may also find it extremely liberating to throw all this stuff away and this, once again, will reinforce in your mind that this time you are finally going to successfully quit smoking weed. Quitting of smoking such things is always better as they are very injurious to your health.


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